Why Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air

Nothing disappoints quite like your air conditioning system unexpectedly failing to do its job. Your air conditioner is a complicated piece of technology, for most people it can be really tricky to diagnose the cause. However, for many common issues there are a lot of things you can do with some basic tools and patience. While there is plenty you can do as the homeowner, you may encounter some issues that are best handled by a professional HVAC service team. We want to help you see the signs of when you can be the handy person and when it is best to call the pro’s like Innovative Air Conditioning and Heating to fix your air conditioner. 

Signs of Low Refrigerant

One of the most common causes of air conditioners blowing warm air is that they are low on refrigerant. This substance is also known as freon, which is supposed to last a lifetime. Even though it could last forever, some basic wear and tear of your air conditioning risks leaks over time. Freon is an essential component of the actual air conditioning process. This chemical blend is evaporated from a liquid into a gas to cool the warm air before it is circulated throughout the home. Without sufficient levels, your AC will have an increasingly harder and harder time doing its job. Perhaps the most telling sign of a refrigerant leak is feeling weak or warm air when you place your hand near the vents. If you do notice weak air, that does not automatically indicate a refrigerant leak but it is a strong contender. 

Poor Ducts

Over time, you can almost assume you will have some issues with ducts. Over time, ducts will accumulate small holes and tears. As a result, cool air will escape through these holes and tears and reduce the cooling efficacy of your air conditioning. On top of the cool air lost, your AC will stress itself to work extra hard to make up the loss and could greatly increase your energy usage. Ductwork is difficult to accurately identify because your ducts run through the walls, ceilings, and other difficult to access areas. If you encounter your air conditioner blowing warm air, work through different diagnostic steps before assuming duct issues since you will need to hire a professional to fix this.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Every person who is responsible for maintaining an air conditioner should be aware of some basic care taking practices. Perhaps the fastest and most effective way to help your AC function is to regularly replace the air filters. They are extremely inexpensive and easy to replace. An old filter will trap particles and make it difficult for cool air to be circulated throughout the home and can cause your AC to blow warmer than desired air. In addition, cleaning your registers, condensers, and coils is fast and easy to do and lets the air conditioning to function more easily. If your AC is blowing warm up, some of these basic maintenance practices could be the solution you are looking for.

Phoenix Based AC Service

Air Conditioners are tricky and sometimes we all need a little help to maintain them. If the time comes where servicing your AC becomes a bit too much, finding a trustworthy and skilled tech can be the difference maker between an inconvenience and an emergency. Innovative Air Conditioning offers HVAC services that Phoenix families and businesses love. Our clients have enjoyed our professional approach, preparedness, and fare rates. If you are looking for someone to help take care of your air conditioner, no matter what the issue is, the Innovative team has got you covered.

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