Why Is My AC So Loud

Under normal circumstances, people rarely ever think about their HVAC system. When it works great, you practically forget it exists. However, whenever a problem does inevitably rise up it can become a bit overwhelming to deal with. Oftentimes, your HVAC system will indirectly alert you of a problem when it starts to make unusual noises. Sounds from your HVAC setup isn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence, but it isn’t exactly clear what those sounds mean or why they’re happening. The best way to answer that question is to have a certified and skilled technician inspect and diagnose the problem, but until that time we want to help provide a helpful list of troubleshooting options that might offer some insight into why your HVAC is making “that” noise.

At its best case scenario, your AC is out of sight and out of mind. But when it begins to make unusual noises they can often serve as indicators for real or emerging problems. If you listen carefully, these noises are often distinct enough from one another that they might be able to tell you when something is not right with your system. For example, a hissing noise is often attributed to refrigerant leaks. A buzzing noise is usually associated with electrical issues like the condenser motor, wires, or the relay switch. A high pitched squealing often characterizes an internal pressure issue. It is important to note these troubleshooting tools are not definitive and not perfect. It can help you get a sense of the kind of problem your HVAC system has, but the best way to fix a problem with your setup will always be to get an evaluation from a professional.

Air conditioners have come a long way as technology has progressed, but not quite to the point that they can operate in total silence. And while that seems like a nice luxury, the sounds your AC makes can be a great indicator about its health and status. When your AC cycles on, any noise out of the ordinary is important to take notice of. A loud sound that could almost be described as a pounding noise could mean that there is some kind of debris within the unit itself. This is a fairly common occurrence. It could also mean that a fan has loosened and that it is colliding against the cage itself.

While outright eliminating all noise from your HVAC system is unlikely, the most practical way to reduce noise is to address the problem at the source. Your setup shouldn't be obnoxiously loud and interrupting, if there is a noticeable change in your AC volume between cycles, it can mean something is amiss and could be fixed. While it might just be a minor repair, these small repairs help prevent further more complicated and more expensive breakdowns in the future.

Having a reliable and dependable HVAC set up for your home or business is a near essential to feel safe and comfortable all year long. Especially during this hot summer season, it is important to keep it in shape and running efficiently. Innovative Air Conditioning and Heating has been helping all those throughout the greater Phoenix valley with their HVAC needs for years. Our team offers high quality maintenance services that ensure your HVAC runs well and keeps your mental sanity because you will know your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool everyday.

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