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smart thermostat

Smart Thermostat for the Winter

Everyone is looking for new and easy ways to save money. Whether that’s buying things on sale, using coupons, looking for value brands, or sticking tightly to a budget everyone uses some combination of means to save money. When it comes to cooling and heating your home, who hasn’t created heard a dozen new “hacks” online or from the news. Here in Phoenix especially, we are all trying to stay cool without breaking the bank. Instead of offering questionable, unscientific, and unreliable DIY moves, Innovative Air Conditioning and Heating wants to help point you in the direction of tried and true methods that are sure to beat the heat and save on your energy bill each month. One of our biggest recommendations for every home or business is to install a smart thermostat. People enjoy the convenience of having cooling power at their fingertips from their personal devices that puts your home on energy efficient cycles that keeps you cool when it matters most without costing you a fortune. Getting the most out of your smart thermostat means massive savings with minimal effort.

Programmable Thermostat

The key to getting the most out of your smart thermostat is to understand the different uses from it. The programmable settings will unlock the key to making yourself more comfortable and saving you money. By setting your HVAC system on a regular system, you’ll enjoy a couple of things as a result. The first being the luxury of “set it and forget it.” No need to stress about what temperature you set the house to before you left for work or vacation. Utilizing the programmable settings allows you to set the temperatures according to the needs of the time. For example, you can create a regular schedule to take advantage of when people will be out and run more cost efficient, like during school or work hours. You can also make adjustments to the temperature just before and after bed. Many cities use peak versus non-peak hours that your smart thermostat can also work in your favor.

Digital Thermostat

The convenience from a digital thermostat is unmatched. The world around us has moved into apps and things working through the touch of a few buttons. We have an app we love for nearly every part of our lives. They have become closely ingrained to how we operate each and every day. While some people face challenges in using the thermostat present in their homes, smart thermostats are shockingly easy to use. No electrical engineering degree required to set these up. Our Innovative Air Conditioning and Heating team would be happy to get you set up and confident to use your wireless smart thermostat.

Google Nest

As you consider making the change to a smart thermostat, it may help to discuss one of the available options that people love. Perhaps the most popular item out there, the Google Nest learning thermostat redefines the way you’ll look at “smart” devices. Not only is the Nest easy to use, it will quickly learn your preferences and overtime it will start to run programs that it has learned. Not only that, the Nest takes notice of anything going wrong with your HVAC system, it can detect problems as they come up. So not only will this Nest thermostat keep your energy costs down, your temperatures low, and your nerves calm knowing everything is working like it should. Nest thermostats are easy to install and look natural on your wall.

Innovative Air Smart Thermostat

When you consider that a smart thermostat for your Phoenix home or business will keep you cooler for longer, save you money every month on your energy bill, teach itself, and detect issues as they come up it is tough to find reasons why you shouldn’t add one for yourself. Innovative Air Conditioning and Heating is committed to offering exceptional HVAC services for Arizona homes and businesses. The addition of a smart thermostat could be a world of difference for you and those that matter most to you not just for this summer but through all the season’s of the year. If you have any questions about how a smart thermostat could benefit you give us a call at 623-780-4500.

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