HVAC Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

If you haven’t felt it yet, you will soon, summer is here and it is here to stay for awhile. Associated with it might be summer trips, school being out, and getting outside. But for homeowners, summer looms with more problems than positives. Keeping the house temperatures low without spending a fortune feels like an impossible task that leaves one of two undesirable outcomes; melt under the heat of the sun or burn a hole in your wallet. This summer for Phoenix residents we want to help provide an alternative path to help families with their home air conditioning systems. We have put together a list of some HVAC maintenance tips and tricks that’ll help you throughout this summer season.

Air Filters

One of the most underrated parts of air conditioner maintenance is regularly replacing your air filters. Air filters are generally made of fibrous or porous material that capture airborne particulates such as dander, pollen, dirt, dust, mold, and bacteria. As your air conditioner moves air throughout the home, these filters improve the air quality throughout. However, if left unattended, these air filters can create a traffic jam of these particulates and cause your air conditioner to work extra hard to cool your home. Replacing your air filter is quick, easy, and cheap to do. Simply remove the old filter and replace it with a new one.The size of your filter should be printed on the old one if you are unsure. Filters can be purchased at most appliance stores. Air filters should be replaced every 30-60 days, if you have pets you may consider replacing more often than otherwise. 


Something that feels unintuitive to conventional wisdom, do not clean your air filters. It feels natural, especially if we apply similar logic to replacing air filters. Remove the airborne particles and see the results, right? Outlined well by this article by the Washington Post, duct cleaning can oftentimes stir up more dust and nasty things in the air than it removes. Citing several reputable sources including the EPA, it also dissuades the notion that it will improve air quality for the same reasons. Your best bet, if you are considering home maintenance habits to improve your HVAC costs, is to get a home evaluation by a certified and licensed professional that can make decisions based on your specific setup.

Innovative HVAC Maintenance Tips

This summer Phoenix families can enjoy their air conditioning in comfort without spending a fortune. By replacing your air filters regularly, you’ll save money and increase the air quality in your home quickly. However, be cautious about cleaning out some of your air filters, oftentimes, it can be more of a hassle than a benefit. No matter the condition of the air conditioner in your home or business, Innovative Air Conditioning and Heating has gotten you covered this summer season. If you are interested or maybe have questions, give us a call at 623-780-4500 and we would be happy to discuss.

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